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Getting Started


React Native Wind is a package that takes as main target the Android and iOS operating systems, probably the package works also for the others but at the moment there is no intention to follow the development and testing for these.


In this short guide it is assumed that you already have Node installed and that you know what React Native is and how it works.

Installing this package is very simple and works for both React Native projects and those using Expo. In your root project folder run:


yarn add react-native-wind

Or if you prefer npm


npm install react-native-wind

How to use it#

Once installed start using the library is simple, import the function s() and use it in the element you want to style passing as parameter a string with the classes you want to give it.

For example, let's give the View a padding on each side and make this view as big as the element that contains it:

import React from "react";import { View } from "react-native";import { s } from "react-native-wind";
export const CoolComponent = () => {  return <View style={s`p-5 w-full h-full`} />;};

Explore the library#

In the documentation are described all the utilities that can be used within the library. Before continuing with the implementation I suggest you to read these sections that will help you to better understand how to use the library and its potential: